IW 17 LH SGC GigantCat Buzz of MaisonMag

Welcome to my Magic Home!

Maison Magique is a small Maine Coon cattery based in Warsaw, capital of Poland.

My first Maine Coon moved to my home in 2008 and I felt in love with this black solid 2,5 years old lady immediately. A year later I bought my first breeding cat. In 2010 I registered my cattery in Felis Polonia - FIFé. In September 2012 I went to TICA show for the first time... and I found there what I was looking for at the cat shows... great atmosphere, amaizing cats and wonderful people. From 2013 my cattery is registered in TICA and Klub Kota X-Treme and from February 2016 I''am TICA licensed Head Ring Clerk and Master Clerk from 2017.

My cats live with me and my dogs... I would rather say I live with my cats... They have free access to the whole appartment but anyway they try to be as close as possible to me whatever I do. Kittens grow up in this environment and as soon as their mother allows they have contact with other adults and dogs. My pet kittens will be neutered before moving to new home at the age of 16 weeks old. They will be dewormed and vaccinated twice, chipped and registered in TICA.

Wonderful vets take care of my cats and dogs: Aneta Wieczorek DVM, Urszula Bartoszuk DVM Ph.D. (cardiologist) Mirka Ziemba (cardiologist) and Karolina Pilak DVM.

Magdalena Marié